Volunteer with QSPC


The QSPC Executive meets on a monthly basis to discuss the progress of our coming projects, as well as shape the direction of the organization.  We also approve budget considerations, plan grant submissions and work together to make our events and projects a success.  Not all Executive Members take lead roles on events or projects, although it is certainly helpful when members have that opportunity.  Other Executive Members participate in a wide number of events as volunteer support.  Even if you aren't on the Executive Team, all residents are encouraged to attend and comment on QSPC Executive Meetings.  It is a wonderful opportunity to mix creative energies, professional skills and individual talents in a way that greatly enriches the community. 


To find out how you can volunteer, email: queensboroughspecialprograms@gmail.com


In addition to our monthly meetings, a committee is struck for each event or project managed by the QSPC.  Sometimes committee work is limited to organizing volunteers for an event.  Other times, committee members may be responsible for individual components of a larger event or to assist with overall event management.  Whether you are interested in lending a helping hand for a specific event or want to lend your skills in a particular area, QSPC welcomes all Queensborough residents to join our amazing group of volunteers.


Are you an avid baker?  Do you like the doing projects with a small group of friends?  Volunteering at the QB Cafe is a great way to share your baking talents while also benefiting the community.  The QB Cafe is open from 8am-10am, Monday to Thursday, with an hour before and after for prep and organizing.  With more volunteers, it may be possible to expand those hours.  The cafe has proven to be an important benefit to the community, with families, middle school and elementary children taking advantage of the warm offerings in the morning before school and work.    We are incredibly grateful for the work of our volunteers in keeping the community comforted and fed!


As a diverse volunteer driven organization, we understand that life can be busy.  While our Members come from all walks of life, we know that with families and work, it is a challenge to commit to a Committee or the Executive.  The great thing is that there are many aspects to working with the QSPC.  If you are able to volunteer for a specific event yet not sit on an organizing committee, we are still grateufl for your support.  Any way that our Members engage with the QSPC can enrich their community experience.  Queensborough truly is a Community With Heart.  We're lucky to have our fingers on the pulse!

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