Open Monday - FrIday from 8-10am at the QCC

The QB Cafe is a volunteer-run kiosk within the Queensborough Community Centre that supplies a variety of goods to hungry visitors of all ages!


$1.00- Coffee

$1.00 - Hot Chocolate

$2.00 - Cinnamon Buns (w/ or w/o icing sugar)

$2.00 - Cheese Scone

$1.00 - Cookies


Special advanced orders are possible. Please Contact the Queemsborough Community Centre

The QB Cafe



Are you an avid baker?  Do you like the doing projects with a small group of friends?  Volunteering at the QB Cafe is a great way to share your baking talents while also benefiting the community.  The QB Cafe is open from 8am-10am, Monday to Friday, with an hour before for prep and organizing. 


With more volunteers, it may be possible to expand operating hours.  The cafe has proven to be an important benefit to the community, with families, middle school and elementary children taking advantage of the warm offerings in the morning before school and work.    We are incredibly grateful for the work of our volunteers in keeping the community comforted and fed!

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