Queensborough: A Community With Heart!


QSPC At A Glance

Special Projects

In addition to annual events, the QSPC undertakes Special Projects, with the goal of engaging residents on matters that are important to the community. 

Our Events

The Queensborough Special Programs Committee hosts a variety of events throughout the year to serve the community.

Whether you're interested in a specific event, volunteering as part of the QB cafe or joining our Executive, there are plenty of ways for you to give back to your community through the QSPC.  Not only are our events fun, but you'll make friendships to last a lifetime!

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COVID-19 Update:

Thank you for signing up for the virtual Children's Festival kits! Pick up your kits from the Queensborough Community Centre between June 15-17. The event videos can be viewed on June 19-20.



Find out more information about the festival and to watch the corresponding videos that go along with the kits, click here.

QSPC will be running virtual events in 2021.  Stay tuned for updates.


For more information on City of New Westminster protocols, please click here.

Children's Festival 2021



Looking forward to the reopening of the

QCC Cafe - 2022


Queensborough Community Centre, 8:00 - 10:00am

Mondays through Fridays during the school year


In previous years, the Cafe is open with fresh baked cinnamon buns, cookies, toasted bagels and more!  Customers bringing reusable cups get a $1 discount off their tea and coffee.  See you at the cafe soon!!

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