QUEENSBOROUGH: A Community with Heart!


Queensborough is a distinctive, geographically unique community located on the far northeastern tip of Lulu Island, where the Fraser River divides.  


Before settlement, the area was fertile terrain for indigenous groups to forage wild cranberries, with thriving hunting and fishing grounds sustaining their peoples.  As settlers came to establish the municipality of New Westminster, Queensborough was used as a military reserve.  It's unique position along the Fraser and ample shoreline made Queensborough an ideal site for farming, fishing and mill industries.  With time, the area became home to a diverse, culturally rich community of residents, with thriving churches, cultural halls and mutual aid societies that prospered together.  It is this spirit of community that has always been at the core of Queensborough.


With over 8,000 inhabitants, Queensborough still maintains deep social and cultural roots.  The QSPC has operated in the community since 1979, working in tandem with the Queensborough Community Centre to unite residents and enhance programming for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

The Queensborough Special Programs Committee is a Society governed by the Societies Act of British Columbia.

Our Mission is....


  • Maintain, develop and foster community spirit in the neighbourhood of Queensborough,

  • To coordinate and support community events and projects that would benefit the community,

  • To improve and enhance the public amenities and programs at Queensborough Community Centre and neighbourhood parks over and above what the City of New Westminster is able to offer,

  • To provide a means of identifying, prioritizing and accomplishing public needs brought forward by members of the community, and,

  • To provide a networking opportunity for special interest groups in the community.


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